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With lots of research and trying to work toward the future, Victoria Anne Photography’s blog has moved for the better. Updated posts will no longer be at this url but now at Please come visit the new blog by clicking HERE. (don’t forget to update your bookmarks) Cheers! Advertisements



As some of you know I have recently moved, as well my good friend Katelin moved all the way to Ottawa to start a new and exciting graphic design job! We were lucky enough to to get together before the first of the month and collaborate on a ‘Moving’ theme photoshoot. Best of luck to […]



In just over a month, I will have completed my 10 month program at PrairieView School of Photography, and then it’s time to put my efforts into Victoria Anne Photography! This week our board assignment was under the theme ‘silence’. I rented out some studio lights and went over to my friend Jaime’s, and we […]