TGIF 12.31.10 { New Years Resolutions }


Not only is it Friday, but it is also New Years Eve! This New Years I have two resolutions to help change myself for the better.

NUMBER 1: To be more open to seafood. Yes this may seem silly to some but I usually stay away from most kinds of seafood and feel it’s time to give it a chance. I plan to eat as many kinds of seafood within 2011, starting with crab legs next week!

NUMBER 2: To read and educate myself more on photography. I hope to spend at least 3 hours a week online, at the bookstore or at the library reading up on anything having to do with photography.

Hope everyone has fantastic evening!

Photo taken at Eq3.


One Response to “TGIF 12.31.10 { New Years Resolutions }”

  1. 1 linda

    love the look of that book and good luck with your resolutions. Mine is to make a home made soup at least once a week and to stop sweating the small stuff!!! Happy New Year Victoria Anne !!!!

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