Lindsay & Oliver


Yesterday I spent the day photographing Lindsay & Oliver’s big day.

It was an especially enjoyable day since it was the first time I had the pleasure of the delightful and very talented Andrea Dyck assist me. We were both very aware of the weather forecast which was calling for showers, but were lucky enough to have missed the rain.

We started the day in the city, me with the ladies and Andrea with the men. Then traveled out of the city for the ceremony, which was at the historical St. Andrews Church on the Red. We then moved back into Winnipeg for pictures in the Exchange District and Kildonan Park, ending back in the country at a delightful little bed and breakfast where the reception was held. I wouldn’t expect less locations from a couple who just returned from a year in Austin, Texas and leaving for Japan next month. Known by their friends and family as a couple deeply in love and bit by the travelers bug, I admire the love Lindsay & Oliver share.

Congratulations Lindsay & Oliver!


9 Responses to “Lindsay & Oliver”

  1. nice shot out front! thanks for coming by to visit!

  2. 2 linda

    Beautiful photos Alyson! What a gorgeous couple !!!

  3. 3 varga


    i especially ❤ number 9.
    So mysterious, all in all terrific work girl!

  4. 4 cheryl ridley

    So awesome ladies! You were fabulous and easy to have around. Sorry about the doggy poop!

  5. 5 Georgia

    I love love love the one with just the lower part of the couples faces side by side. Its kind of a wedding photo way.

  6. 6 Andrea

    Well hello there! Are any of these mine? I love all of them. Especially the lower faces one. I know its not one everyone would like but it looks sweet. Dont worry Ive also been to your blog a out 10 times today! And yesterday…

  7. 7 beth

    I love, love, love that photo where her veil is blowing. Very beautiful shot Aly.

  8. 8 Cory

    wow..nice shots Aly!

  9. Thanks everyone!

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