5 Responses to “New Logo”

  1. Like the logo, when you use the initials only as an icon over the photo you might want to try flipping the photo of yourself as well so the word “canon” reads correctly instead of being a mirror image. Very nice and clean though!

  2. 2 Scott "Hutchie" Hutchinson

    I think that your logo looks great! Supa fresh……..oooooooooooeeeeeeeee!

    Just my opinion, but, I like that you can tell the photo is taken in the mirror because of the “Canon” being reversed. It makes sense to me.

  3. 3 Stephen Morrison

    I agree with Scott…unless you are getting paid by Canon, make the name harder to read.

  4. 4 linda

    Oh Aly, its perfect, Looks clean and sharp and I also agree with the boys. As the photographer, you will want others to know you took that great photo ! Mind you, its just a picture showing the watermark. Not you signature photo,,,or are you using it as that on your page?

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